LED display waterproof casing indicators and use

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-08
Waterproof is an important index for outdoor LED display, such as powerful giant colour outdoor displays general protection grade for the ip56 this standard on behalf of what? See the table below will understand the protection grade IP56, such as display screen to the IP letters, number 5 for the tag number, 6 as the second tag number. Said the tag number contact protection and foreign body protection level, the second tag Numbers waterproof protection level. Need of special note is, after the IP Numbers 6 and the following second characteristics, decreases as the number of test is gradually become severe. In other words, identified as IPX6 LED display, at the same time can through the IPX5, IPX4, IPX3, IPX2, IPX1, IPX0 test. Body image because of the outdoor LED module with closed box structure of treated outdoor displays waterproof casing, waterproof casing assembled into outdoor full color. So full color LED display cabinet is composed of the basic unit of the screen body. Using LED cabinet for benefits as follows: one is to facilitate scheduling, aging, site maintenance; 2 it is convenient for packaging, transport; 3 it is installation convenient disassembly. Full color LED display screen in front of the waterproof box is equipped with display module, body inner fixed display driver circuit board. Switching power supply installed in the case of the back cover. On the back cover of the enclosure also install a fan, shutters, etc. Enclosure used inside and outside surface coating processing, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, prevent oxidation, flame retardant function, guarantees the safety of the work for the screen body. In terms of the structure of the outdoor LED display module should be first outdoor waterproof module, the module should brush anti-corrosion paint on the back, third, the box body is supposed to be waterproof casing, better sealing. Can do waterproof test, sprinkling water on the surface of the screen test. After many tests, outdoor full-color LED IP65 waterproof casing IP protection grade to achieve to achieve the true sense of the waterproof, the other LED display cabinet structure perishable parts roughly screen body part of the metal column, circuit boards, terminal blocks, connectors; Sensitive to water vapor of the components for the circuit boards, electronic components pins. Suite, other parts of engineering plastics ( Polycarbonate) , epoxy resin, rubber, etc. , is not sensitive to water vapor.
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