LED display u disk can change the word

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
When using the single color LED display many friends don't know how to use u disk to words, below is detail u disk change character of the specific steps and may be involved. Operation method: 1. Settings screen ginseng: through control card software Settings and display screen the same parameters. ( This is infrastructure, setting error will cause an error) 2. Font input: input what you want in the edit box shows the font. 3. Save the import: after set the font to save import usb 4. Docking display: u disk after completed directly inserted into the LEd display control card to be able to complete a font change or import. Possible problem: 1. Display dislocation: screen set error, lead to data showed that dislocation. 2. Decoration: shows a superposition of two or more words, usually caused by multiple input a text message. 3. U disk inserted cannot import: general is because there is a hidden partition u disk, lead to can't read. When using'd better format the u disk.
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