LED display to use some specification - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
A use of hardware and software environment, LED display, LED display hardware part includes 1, hardware environment according to the types of LED display, area, and use the site conditions, determine the general computer parts, communication lines, special data conversion and display part. Should be given detailed instructions: ( 1) The mainframe computer, a variety of optional card, external equipment and the requirement of communication interface. ( 2) The requirement of communication lines and indicate the maximum communication distance. ( 3) Data conversion section and mainframe computer methods of communication. ( 4) Power supply requirements and structure installation requirements. 2, software using the environment on the properties of different LED display configuration must meet its display function requirements of the software, the software has the following functions: ( 1) Can meet the demands of seriation, standardization, and backward compatibility. ( 2) Used in detailed specification specified in the operating system and language. ( 3) Equipped with perfect self-check program and equipped with various levels of diagnostic procedures according to need. ( 4) For special use of LED display with its corresponding specialized software. Second, the appearance and material 1, appearance: LED display frame has no obvious scratches. Outdoor LED display pixel pipe installation should be consistent, no looseness and shell broken column. Part 2, material: LED display can use steel, aluminium, wood and other materials. Rigid construction requirements, and beautiful. Three, security, power, temperature and humidity, security (1 1) LED display protection grounding terminals. ( 2) Security tags, screen protective earthing terminal should have a tag. B, LED display in fuse and switch power supply should have warning signs. ( 3) The floor drain current: LED display for floor drain current shall not exceed 3. 5mA( Ac RMS) 。 ( 4) The electric strength: LED display available 50 hz, 1500 v ( Ac RMS) The test voltage insulation breakdown 1 min should not occur. 2, power supply, LED display of the power supply is 220 w + / - 10%, 50 hz plus or minus 5% or 80 v + 10%, 50 HXZ plus or minus 5% shall, in accordance with the provisions of the detailed specification of all kinds of LED display unit display area of the biggest power or LED display the total power consumption. 3, temperature: a, indoor environment temperature of screens are as follows: the working environment of low temperature: 0 ° C; Temperature: + 40 ° C. Storage environment temperature: - 40°C; Temperature: + 60 ° C. B, outdoor environment temperature of screens are as follows: the working environment of low temperature: optional - °C - 20 10°C; Temperature: + 50 ° C. Storage environment temperature: - 40°C; Temperature: + 60 ° C. 4, humidity: at the highest working temperature, the LED display should be in the relative humidity of 90% under the condition of normal work.
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