LED display to buy small spacing matters needing attention

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
Small spacing purchase note 1 LED display. Gray scale up to par. When buying small spacing LED display gray is one of the important indicators, because gray level directly affects the quality of the images. Reduce the brightness of the traditional LED display technology can lead to loss of gray. Entered the room small spacing LED display to must reduce brightness. So to buy the first standard is 'gray'. Choose to follow 'the level of brightness of the human eye can identify the more is better' principle, the brightness level is the human eye can distinguish the image from the black to the white level, the level of brightness of can be identified more show display gray level is higher. Image color is more bright-coloured, the higher the degree of saturation. 2. The choice of point spacing. Now on the market for small spacing is the definition of fuzzy thought P4 the following products for small spacing. In practical applications, the point spacing, the smaller the higher pixel density, suitable for viewing nearer the distance is, on the other hand, is suitable for watching the farther the distance. In the actual buying users can according to their own installation screen size to decide to buy the kind of LED display spacing. Calculation formula is: the best visual distance = point spacing / 0. 3 to 0. 8. One thing to mention here. The higher the point spacing, the smaller the cost of the screen! P4 at around 4000, P2 is twice as expensive! 3. LED display system matching small spacing, point spacing is small, high resolution. P2 the pixel at the 250000 / square meter, p4 pixels for 62500 damage per square meter, p10 screen pixels for 10000 damage per square meter. So high to the requirement of control card. General control card a network card interface can control about 500000 pixels. According to this standard to adaptation.
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