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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
We use the led display is to show the product is known to all, the more so the greater the screen display. At the same time, we also can save much cost of installing a few pieces of led display, many businesses but why don't want to do that? You may feel is not thought of this layer, it is not so. Today, small make up for us. Time is not necessarily a big advantage Led display screen, nature has its advantages, but there are defects. Although big screen can show more products, let a person can see at a glance more products. But our field of vision is limited after all, we can't just finish, need to be swinging head to browse, so there is no doubt that produce fatigue, let's not focus attention display products. At the same time, large screen display too much stuff, let we cannot remember so many products, are vague impression. Products, such as we want to go back to choose at heart, and to search in numerous large screen, thus resulting in a decline in experience, nature will not be able to achieve the purpose of our products. Screen said the little less dominant small make up them. Why the phone's screen is bigger and bigger? Why do we like to use the big screen mobile phone? Is because it can make us more intuitively and clearly see the above product. If the screen is too small, we need to enlarge to big, it looks difficult, more difficult in contrast, small make up that no one in this brand of mobile phone. Led display is the same. So how big a suitable led display size? For that matter, small make up still think want to be decided according to the environment. Such as installed in the outdoor led display, you need to choose a larger size of the led display, because the outdoor led display let more people over a long distance can see led display the contents of the above; If it is indoor led display, such as the enterprise can choose smaller inside is more appropriate, because the main is to see to the enterprise or the people inside enterprise, everyone will go too close to look at the content, if the size is too big, can let a person see local, unable to see the entire screen message. And so on. 。 。
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