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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
The approach of the Spring Festival, every household a make-over, a large number of merchants are optimistic about visual effect better full-color led display. Now in the company or the streets to install a screen is very popular a kind of way, to show the strength and eye-catching, but the manufacture of LED display manufacturer has a lot of, so how do you know shenzhen LED display which is strong? ( 1) Sales process, buyers and sellers is a game, here to show you the led display production equipment and plant, under the witness strength, if an enterprise own survival is very difficult not to mention the quality control and after-sales service. ( 2) Founded in 2006 in shenzhen, in 2010 was identified as the first batch of state-level high-tech enterprises, in 2011 won the title of the LED industry 'top ten brand of the year', in 2013 won the 'guangdong famous brand product' title, 1 2013 sales breakthrough. 2 $. Nowadays science and technology has LED display industry's fastest growing dark horse. ( 3) In December 2013, annual sales of science and technology breakthrough 1. 3. In November 2013, awarded the title of 'guangdong famous brand product' science and technology. In July 2013, after seven years of practice and research experience, independent research and development 'xin' brand Led display in April, 2012, was awarded the title of 'top ten brand of the year' in 2011 led industry. In March 2012, the registered capital of 5 million yuan science and technology. In December 2011, the annual sales exceed 30 million science and technology. In November 2010, the science and technology in hebei province set up branch. In August 2010, science and technology was formally identified as the first batch of 2010 national high and new technology enterprise. In July 2010, in Inner Mongolia, xinjiang kashgar branch was established in June 2009, moved to the town of shenzhen rock paddy field in the fourth industrial zone new yongfeng industrial park 1 November 2008, passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification in June 2007, Mr Li wei, chairman of the board of directors can invited to 'outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs convention' in August 2006, joined the shenzhen environmental protection association, and allowed for the member units. In July 2006, received the customs import and export goods customs declaration registration certificate of the consignee or consignor of. In June 2006, officially registered technology co. , LTD, registered capital of 1 million yuan. ( 4) The most promising led display company, shenzhen, choose us you won't regret it
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