Led display technology | small spacing than traditional screen's good?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Led display is a kind of small spacing smaller type of indoor led display, led point spacing of this type of indoor led display for the pixel control technology more advanced, reliable and can improve the brightness of the screen broadcast images better, reducing, and unity. So little distance between the led display screen has higher use value, and compared with the traditional DLP rear projection display, high quality and durable little distance between the led display screen has obvious advantages. Powerful giant colour below small make up led display will be small spacing but where are summarized below for everyone. Now in the market small spacing types are: P1. 25日,P1。 536年,P1。 604年,P1。 875年,P1。 904 and so on. 1, the integrity of the higher, the current indoor display pixels in the high-end market is still based on DLP rear projection display is given priority to, but because of the DLP technology has some natural defects, so I can't remove the 1 mm flat-fell seam between the display unit, therefore when joining together each display unit will devour at least one display pixels, so that the display pixels is incomplete. But small to produce high quality led display manufacturers are small spacing distance between the led display screen can perfect make up for the defects, to ensure that each display unit has the full display pixels. 2, better picture color expressive force due to the differences between DLP rear projection display of the display unit, so the whole display in the picture show that is hard to control color and brightness uniformity, and with the increase of using time this unit differences will be more and more obvious. However, professional led display because of small spacing control technology of using pixel point, so in terms of the color of the display unit shows a high degree of unity, so that can make the screen color expressive force is superior. Summary small make up in the article to summarize these two aspects, can fully represent the distance between the led display screen than the traditional DLP rear projection screen is much better. Played back because the screen image color pixel integrity, the higher its expression is more abundant, and the picture color, the better, the higher the appreciation effect will, therefore, is a professional and reliable small distance between the led display screen than the traditional screen has a broader development prospects.
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