LED display table post difference with the table

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
The table stick also called real pixel lights, it is to put the light tube encapsulation rectangularity, then put the red, green and blue three tube together to make a pixel and operation process of the modules. Compared with table paste technology, and the table of color is poorer, and display of table paste and technology closer to the surface effect of TV; The post is a lot cheaper than table. The table paste is composed of the LED lattice LED display industry a way, it is different from table, table is a patch technique, but the table stick is inserted the light foot into PCB hole, but can achieve the effect of the light table. Table refers to the SMT technology, and the table paste is LED is light foot insert PCB hole, but it can show the effect of the light table. Triad table stick refers to the three markers packaging in the same point of synthesis; Triad of table lamp post is to point to by the three party arranged in a straight line into a pixel, mean price as table, but the effect of display effect, and table; Triad separation table stick refers to the red, green and blue three markers to separate packaging, packaging, and the table after arranged in a same pixel. LED dot matrix display module can display Chinese characters, graphics, animation and English characters, etc. ; Display has a static, horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling and page display, etc. The single module driver 12 blocks ( Can control up to 24) 8 by 8 dot matrix, a total of 16 x48 lattice ( Or 32 x48 lattice) , it is single block MAX7219 ( Or PS7219, HD7279, ZLG7289 and 8279 similar LED display driver module) 12 times ( Or 24 times) ! Can use 'cascade' of any dot matrix display. Display effect is good, low consumption, and lower cost than using MAX7219 circuit. Existing common indoor full color scheme comparison: 1, the lattice module scheme: the earliest design scheme, developed by indoor pseudo color dot matrix screen advantages: the cost of raw materials is the most advantage, and simple production process, quality and stability. Disadvantages: poor color consistency, Mosaic phenomenon is relatively serious, display effect is poorer. 2, single lamp solution: to solve the problem of lattice screen color, a scheme of outdoor screen technology for reference, at the same time, the outdoor pixel multiplexing technology transplanted with indoor display. Advantage: the color consistency better than dot matrix module way. Faults: mixed color, perspective, horizontal direction about watching have off color. Process is relatively complex, high anti-static requirements. To 10000 points above the actual pixel resolution more difficult. 3, SMT plan: using patch luminous tube to show the element. Advantage: color consistency, perspective and other important display index is one of the best in the existing schemes, especially the triad table of melange effect is very good. Weakness: the processing technology of trouble, the cost too is high. 4, the table plan: in fact is an improved single lamp scheme, now still in perfect. Advantage: the display color consistency, perspective and other leading indicator and labeling solutions difference is not big, but the cost is low, show the effect is very good, resolution in theory can be done more than 17200. Disadvantages: processing is more complex, high anti-static requirements. Initially only full-color module and the table of full-color LED display, the table of full color LED display is put full color in the table and the maintenance cost is very high price, and full color module under the situation of the result is bad.
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