LED display system which includes the subsystem - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED display system of the subsystem are respectively source information processing system, accept and deal with the source information, control, display shows as well as the transmission of digital information control system, and display the information of equipment, to provide system electric energy and electric power distribution system of protection, provide external physical damage in a protective function of safety protection system, under the mutual cooperation of each subsystem, shenzhen LED display system of normal control, the display screen to accept send information processing, through the LED display screen will release information display correctly. 1, shenzhen LED display LED display information processing system, computer information processing system includes a video processor external conversion equipment, mainly to display or play the source signal is converted into LED display system can process the signal, such as words, pictures, sounds, etc. Can be directly through the computer software, sent to LED display equipment, carries on the information display. LED display system development has now been created, full-color LED display screen, and video processor plays full-color displays the source information processing work. When the source information input to the LED display information processing system, video processor for bit depth video signals to ascend, first enter the source of information for 8 bits, in order to meet the screen hd display format, grayscale video processor to ascend to the basic right. Then video information conversion and zoom ratio specification, in order to meet the LED display screen in shenzhen the actual display resolution, properly display the video information, at the same time, color space conversion, image processing, and enhanced. Give full play to the LED display excellent image display effect, make information display more fine and warm. 2 LED display, LED display control system, shenzhen center mainly master control computer control system, including computer and communication network between the LED display, optical fiber and its auxiliary converter or wireless transmitter inside the LED display equipment and to receive information and control display controller. When the user through the LED display information processing system, the source of information input to the main control computer, main control computer by a specific software to accept and deal with the source information, and through the communication network transmission to the LED display equipment, internal is responsible for receiving and LED display screen or video display information from the computer serial port of the controller, the information in the form of a frame memory such as frame storage, control LED display to display information. 3, shenzhen LED display the internal control system is composed of asynchronous control system and synchronization control system, asynchronous control system is mainly aimed at all kinds of text, symbols, graphics and animations for display control, when the controller will data sent to a computer to save one frame memory, the asynchronous control system by screen broadcast cycle, relative to the asynchronous control system, synchronous control system operation is complicated, it is mainly used for real-time video, graphic display, operation is relatively complex, the synchronization control system using multiple shades of gray, according to the rate of not less than 60 frames per second point-to-point update display shows the content, so as to achieve the propaganda effect of multimedia.
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