LED display shows the effect not beautiful? In the 'bad' - the five factors LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
There are many factors that can influence the effect of LED screen display, such as brightness, point spacing, the screen surface roughness, light bead attenuation degree and the failure rate, using the environment, and so on. Next, small make up it to detail and explain the influence of LED display shows the effect of five factors. One, the influence of the pixel pitch pixel spacing of articulation is very obvious, pixel spacing is smaller, it showed more exquisite. Narrowing of the pixel pitch must have a mature technology as the core support, from the current trends, pixel pitch reduction is the inevitable choice of the market. However, relatively, pixel spacing is smaller, the greater the cost of its investment, the higher the price. Screen flatness and surface reflectance LED display screen body of local convex or concave leads to display the visual Angle of blind Angle, the surface roughness to within + / - 1 mm, to display the image is not distorted, the buds of LED display based on the panel and LED tube for special craft processing, while guarantee the screen surface roughness lower reflectivity of LED panel, also can improve the contrast of the display ( The higher the contrast, the easier the eyes distinguish dynamic light conversion process of the image) 。 Third, LED display gray level gray level refers to the full color LED display from the darkest to the brightest in the single color brightness can distinguish between the brightness of the series, gray level is higher, the color is rich, colour is gorgeous; On the other hand, according to a single color, simple changes. Grey level enhancement, can greatly enhance the color depth, making image color shows an geometric increase in the number of levels. The buds of COB LED display USES the high quality LED lights, small spacing low light high ash, bright images clearer and more exquisite quality. Four, the quality of lamp bead, and failure rate of LED display screen is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of set of red, green, blue three kinds of LED lights. LED lights use increase brightness with time will slowly decrease. LED lamp bead light attenuation speed and LED chips, auxiliary materials, packaging process has certain relevance. In general, after 1000 hours, 20 milliampere light test at room temperature, the red LED lamp bead attenuation should be less than 7%, the attenuation of blue, green LED lamp bead should be less than 10%. Red, green, and blue attenuation of the consistency of full-color LED display great influence on the white balance in the future, will affect the display fidelity of the display screen. At the same time, good light bead failure rate is low, even 72 hours aging failure rate is not higher than one over ten thousand. Five, stability and safety using the LED display screen at run time, the stability and security is particularly important, LED display cabinet design is very important, components of heat transformation temperature increase, to cause a decline in image quality. Therefore, good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an important and indispensable in the design of casing. Is the circuit protection on the one hand, on the other hand is congruent, and dustproof, waterproof function. At the same time, form a complete set of power supply can not only look at low price while ignoring its performance and quality, in different temperature under the condition of the power supply, its working stability of the output voltage and load capacity will be different, because it bear the after-sale protection function, so its safety performance directly affects the quality of the picture. LED display ensures that after more than five, want the best display effect, and ensure that the use of good environment, if the actual working temperature exceeds the scope of the product, not only will shorten its life, the product itself can also severely damaged. When shooting should pay attention to the best shooting distance, different spacing, different filling coefficient of the LED screen, proper shooting distance is not the same, choose LED display both in product quality, price and after-sales service, will be more security, rest assured! To create each exciting scene!
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