LED display screen to stage more dazzle beautiful stage - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Today, in all kinds of concerts, parties, activities, involve the figure of LED display, so what is the make of LED display screen has such a big attraction, the charm of LED display value is reflected in what respect? 1, gorgeous background, boost performance in the LED display without using the stage, the stage is most often used the curtain, the curtain is static, can present a scene is also very limited. In the previous impression, often show began, there will be behind the scenes staff slowly opened, then actor posed after the curtain, and there behind the curtain, the curtain, and the performance content corresponding to the scene. This is the first stage of application scenarios. Until then, the emergence of LED display, such things to get better, just in the early, as applied to the LED display function is unitary, instead of setting function, give priority to with video data, serves as a curtain character. LED stage screen used to a certain stage, its function is more perfect, play a role on the stage is more outstanding, not only as a backdrop, the flexible image and set each other off becomes an interest, have many beautiful feeling to the audience. 2, smooth shadow irregular change, foil atmosphere in traditional stage design, the actors are moving, the background is static, the static movement, the actor's performance to the audience is the most intuitive feelings, background and audiences in beautiful enjoyment, and not the same sensory experience. But in the use of LED display, LED display will match the show picture, combined with the corresponding music, foil atmosphere. Create by LED display screen, exquisite and vivid, are more impact than the actual scene, and through the relevant picture, changes to the audience to bring more of a layer of feelings and inspiration. Let the audience in performance, get more sensory experience, changes will affect the audience's heart, let the audience has the feeling of immersive, precious little of misery loves company. Closer the distance between the audience and actors, to achieve a deeper level of communication. 3, flexible, situation and performance on the stage, need different scenarios in order to fit different programs, traditional scenery, apparently unable to achieve the demand of the LED display is the biggest advantage is that it's flexible. As the technology matures, LED display screen is more clear, more stable performance. Can achieve more flexible and changeable scene change, can the instantaneous picture switching; By technical means, to achieve any display effect, according to the picture is clear, rich in content, the effect is distinct. Audiences in the United States, not only at the same time also more foil a actor's acting. On the stage, for example, the use of LED display, will this kind of situation and developed to get incisively and vividly, 2012 Spring Festival gala, LED display play its important role, not only the stage has changed, T structure has been extended to the audience. LED display in the Spring Festival gala on a large scale application, floor, ceiling, positive and on both sides of the stage, all adopt the holographic LED screen. Any lifting of the LED lights and LED the ground of mutual echo pattern, gorgeous and beautiful picture. When the peacock moment of Yang liping performance, perhaps most people will be shocked by picture, side to admire the dancers dancing, a amazing pictures of beautiful, is not only a dancer dancing conquered the audience, stage effect to the finches of impression in people's heart. This is the situation and effect, create a beautiful visual effects, shock. Dazzle beautiful stage screen is dazzing, yao soul-stirring, can all-round display the beauty of the stage, with actors, comfortable perfect visual feast for the audience.
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