Led display screen flower reason _led display screen flower solution

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-01
The cause of LED display screen flower a lot. May be a control card, power supply, software, lead to problems such as rows of unit plate color inconsistencies. Here are introduced six kinds of cause of the LED display screen flower and attach the solution. Led control card itself. Led control card or led to receive card program no loading or loading errors. Led receiving card power value is high or low, cause the led control card can't work normally. Drive current, voltage, and the whole screen manipulation of the use of capacitor, resistance associated intrusive accounting. The power problem of control system. 6. Row line contact bad led electronic display screen flower 1 failure to solve the problem. Top view, control the power of the computer and led electronic display screen, computer control and signal lines between the led display correctly or not. 2. View the graphics Settings, video card is necessary to set up generic form, that is to take the computer appeared and LED electronic display is set to the same form, show the same pictures. 3. Trying to identify whether the led control card program error loading or install 4. See if poor contact wire. That is about to solve common ways of led electronic display screen flower fault, and if it is their own problems, led luminous tube plate unit, flowers screen phenomenon need professionals to solve, also can find manufacturers service providers to solve!
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