LED display screen are mainly is the reason

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
There are many reasons LED display a blank screen. Went black case mainly have three: 1. 2 the moment of electricity is black. Black 3 file loading process. File after sending black screen blackening process will vary due to different operation or due to the different environment. Solution: 1, please make sure that all hardware, including control system, has all right to electricity. ( + 5 v, not against, wrong) 2, check and double-check the serial port of the used to connect to the controller for loose or falls off phenomenon. ( If black in the process of loading, probably because the reason is caused, namely in the process of communication was interrupted because of loose communication line, so the screen turned black, don't think the screen body did not move, the line can not be loose, please to check, it is very important to want to quickly solve the problem. ) 3, check and confirm the connection LED screen and distribution of the HUB board connected to the master card is close connections, whether against. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source
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