LED display sales performance to improve how to do

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
How do the LED display can you get it ready? Want to make friends and customers above all, have to let people believe you. Building trust, by heart for customer service to win customers in the list. And sales staff must have professional knowledge and professional quality. And to visit customers, in probabilistic terms, visit customers, the more the greater the risk of clinch a deal. Sales staff have: 1. Customers to buy the adviser to A, ask customer interest in products, preferences. B provided to customers to meet the need of their products. C relevant features of the product to the customer; D shows that the benefits of the related products to customers and after buying can bring their interests; E answer the questions of customers for products; F the customer fully grasp the basis of relevant information, to make a purchase decision; G additional recommend related products to the customer; H to make customers believe their buying decision is wise and reasonable. 2. Enterprise information advisory. Sales staff is the most close to the consumer. Is the role of the sales staff to provide customers with interests, only in this way can create benefits for the enterprise, ultimately achieve the value of self. 3. The above two points, shoppers should have the basic qualities. 一个。 A good modern service consciousness is to provide benefits to our customers. Service refers to the high level of interest for the benefit of customers. Because only thus can buy real communication with customers, with enthusiasm to infect each other, have passion will send out vigor and confidence, and with the customer. Enthusiasm may not adapt to every customer, but the most effective. According to statistics, guide customers to lead more than 90% depending on whether a polite, not price, product, etc. Bad services can cause 94% of customers leave, not solve the problem will cause 89% of customers who went away, every unhappy customer will describe unpleasant experiences to relatives and friends, by the better solve customer complaints can recover 75% of the customers. Even with high efficiency and pay special attention to him, and try my best to solve customer complaints, there will be 95% of customers will continue to accept your service. The most important thing is to attract a new customer is to keep an old customer 6 times of the money spent. B。 Here refers to a strong sense of marketing to promote consciousness based on good service consciousness of the strong desire to sell the products to the customer. 'My job is to sell to the customer interest' of this guide is to work with enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for the results. C。 The sales techniques, rich product knowledge, familiar with customer psychology, sales skills proficiency, etc. D。 Diligent work attitude.
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