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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Complex the influence of temperature on the full color LED display full color LED display are very picky about the environment temperature. At room temperature 25 ℃ or so in theory, its working state is the most ideal. But in fact, outdoor full-color LED display in the application of the complexity of the environment temperature, the highest temperature in summer could above 60 ℃, the lowest temperature in winter may be in - Below 20 ℃. LED, IC work efficiency and performance, brightness is inconsistent, the screen display also natural become spent as a whole. Under the condition of different temperatures, red, green, blue three kinds of the brightness of the light attenuation and drop is different, at 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ℃, the three colors of the brightness of the leds are decreased, and the attenuation values are not consistent, so will produce the whole screen brightness decline and the phenomenon of partial color, the quality of the whole screen will drop. The IC? Working temperature range is in - IC 40℃— 85℃。 Due to ambient temperature is too high the casing temperature, if the temperature over 85 ℃, IC, because temperature is too high, cause of the work is not stable, or the channel between current extraction and temperature drift or caused by too much difference between flowers screen. In terms of design, process is trying to be a lot of improvement, can effectively control the effects of the external environment temperature on the display screen eventually full-color LED display as possible can perfect show in various complex conditions. Housing design of the key factors will increase, resulting in image quality becomes poor. Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is essential indicator of cabinet design. The importance of power supply power in a full-color LED display systems are an important part of the quality of the impact. Due to the power supply under the condition of different temperatures, the working stability, output voltage and load capacity will also be different, because it for the logistics function, therefore its ability to directly affect the quality of the screen. Due to different performance and stability, brand and specifications of the power unit price also has the considerable differences. Can't take a fancy to a low price and don't look at the performance and quality to choose. A famous brand is through long-term market cultivation to achieve social recognition. Enterprise depending on the brand for life, never easy for short-term interests and hurt their own brand image. However, as a collection of scientific research, development, production, engineering for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Nature knows the importance of the brand, therefore, choose the brand, is very helpful for quality assurance. Aspire to outstanding product quality and excellent quality and service industry characteristics, determine everything from a user perspective, quality and service! To create each exciting scene!
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