Led display price list what factors influence

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Across the country have indoor led display brands, but the price of the equipment has its own pricing standard, as long as not against market rules of sales. Unified led display price list, also can prevent consumer is deceived, intuitive understanding of the brand equipment quotation, can shop around, shortcut options. A led display prices affected by what factors? 1, manufacturer to offer general manufacturers can offer according to the area size of led display screen, nature contains technology, material and so on reasons, consumers only need to think about good or not, other aspects still need to combine merchant's propaganda is introduced. Not looking at the price, comprehensive measure performance. Manufacturers offer is usually fixed, especially the listed company will not change very easily. Regular brand will be about 10% more expensive than the same industry brand price, brand, after all, the quality of service and equipment quality is first-class. 2, supporting facilities, led display price list also contains the value of supporting facilities, because install led display is not only a display issue, this is a big project. Contains audio, computer system, processor, and so on, these prices are unified in the quoted prices, so consumers can't separate measuring equipment, also look at base of form a complete set of equipment. The price is too cheap, maybe save money from the supporting facilities. 3, the led display systems engineering installation, is the need for a number of professional staff to cooperate to complete. Design not careful it is easy to cause the late use obstacles, so the price also includes service quality in it. Led display price list is not specified at random, but the whole company to discuss the decision, will naturally consider the products related to market pricing. Such as pick normal led display manufacturer, can shop around to choose
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