LED display pixel points straight parsing

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
Pixels is used to calculate a kind of digital imaging unit, like photography photos, digital imaging and continuity of shade order, if the image zoom in several times, will find that these continuous tone is actually composed of many small square of similar color point, the point is a small square the smallest unit of 'pixel', the smallest graphic unit can be displayed on the screen is usually a single point of staining. According to the principle of color, know red R, G, green, and blue B is known as the three primary colors. These three colors can be combined to get any color from black to white. LED display category, have monochrome screen, double color display, full-color display screen. Monochromatic is relatively simple, only need to select any of the three primary colors monochrome display can be realized. More practical application, the choice of red leds. In this case, a red LED lights is a pixel. Double color display and monochrome screen the same, just select any two of the three primary colors can be realized double color. In practical application, how to choose red and green. When the red and green light at the same time, can realize the yellow. Therefore, double color display can be red, green, yellow three colors. Monochrome screen LED lighting is the use of solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material, through the carrier in the semiconductor photon emission caused by the compound gives off excess energy between, directly from red, yellow, blue, green, blue, orange, purple, white light. Full color LED display to show a variety of color, so need to be able to show different color from black to white. Full-color LED display need red, green, blue three lamp together form a pixel, to show a variety of colors. In the full color LED display, is divided into solid pixel display and virtual display pixels. Both because the display technology, so the pixel points method is different also. Virtual display pixels using LED multiplexing technology, virtual pixel neighboring LED tube can pass up, down, left, right four times that constitute a light-emitting tube; Real pixel screen USES three primary colors normally a pixel technology. Virtual pixel point is scattered, real pixel point is condensed. Virtual pixel markers between tubes, pixel of markers on the tube. Below together to get to know the LED display pixel technology: 1. Dynamic pixel: a pixel would split into several separate LED units. Each led unit reproduced in the form of time division multiplexing several adjacent pixels corresponding to the base color information. 2. Technology: virtual pixels in the display system, when the information displayed in a certain direction when rolling in a certain way, using the transient characteristics of visual effect, between the adjacent pixels will produce a series of mobile, there is no virtual pixels in the physical, to adjust each LED single pipe, in order to enhance the resolution of the full color LED display screen to achieve the best image effect, the theory is that can improve the image resolution, the general is four times. 3. Pixel sharing technologies: display terminal a complete independent pixels in time-division multiplexing way, be more adjacent pixels in the signal source information circulation refresh. With understandable signal source in the Shared display terminal in the form of time division multiplexing multiple pixels of a complete independent pixels.
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