LED display perspective is what mean? When you buy

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-08
LED display view is the view object can see display content in the largest Angle of view. The Angle of LED display depends on the Angle of LED lamp bead. 1. Standard. Usually used as indicator light, the half value Angle of 20 ° to 45 °. To date, most outdoor display screen choose horizontal Angle 100 °; 50 ° and vertical perspective; 2. Scattering model. This is a bigger oval LED perspective, indoor display is choose level is 120 ° from vertical; 3. High directivity. Is commonly pointed epoxy encapsulation, or with metal reflective cavity encapsulation, and do not add scattering agent. Display on the highway 30 ° is generally selected due to its particularity; Perspective of round LED is enough. Some buildings on display for vertical Angle of the demand is higher. Perspective with brightness incompatible, big Angle will inevitably reduce brightness. View selection need according to the specific purposes to decide. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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