LED display partial color how to deal with?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-04
LED display module, the side module between color and color, show color is not consistent, this is how to return a responsibility? Below we will analyze the cause of the partial color for everyone and a solution. First understand causes of partial color LED display module: 1, LED lighting problem: ( Parameters including chip, wrap glue material defects, solid crystal when the position error, testing error etc. ) With batch of LED lights, can affect luminescence wavelength, intensity and Angle. So, the production of LED electronic display screen has a very important working procedure: mixed light. All the same color leds evenly mixed, and stick it on the PCB. The advantage is can avoid the LED module local color. 2, the production process: the LED module after wave soldering, LED has a fixed location, then you should not go to touch it. But because many companies do not have protection condition, often in the test, repair, welding row needle row mother, aging and transfer of each working procedure in the process of collision, bent the leds. Then before the glue on the entire line, such easy to cause the LED lights on the screen without rules of stagger, resulting in module partial color. 4, the power supply problem: in the design of LED display, to choose what kind of material ( Including power supply selection and dosage) , can't accomplish know fairly well, power supply system appear problem, will cause the LED module power supply unequal phenomenon. 5, control system, control IC: due to the LED display manufacturers do not have LED display control system and control of IC design, development, testing and production capacity. Production of display screen can't guarantee, of course, the only can do is tunes the parameters. Therefore, presumably due to LED lights and the production process color problem LED display module, module, repair or replacement. When the power supply problem, need to replace the power lamp, etc. If is a problem of control system and IC, can repair or requirement manufacturer solved.
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