LED display P1. The characteristics of the 66 _p1. 66 technical parameters

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-01
P1. 66 led display pixel spacing of 1. 8mm。 Every square metre of pixel points to 308641 points. Clarity and play effect is better than a glimpse of LCD TV too much. And the stability is strong, long service life. 1. 1/30 high brush scan, scan. No provision, screen clear fluid. 2. Light high ash, low brightness to 20% when still can appear perfect gray, shows very good consistency. Under low light display gray-scale near-perfect performance, its display picture administrative levels feeling and brilliance is higher than the traditional display. 3. Good consistency and high strength structure trimming technology, to realize the seamless splicing the whole screen. By making small adjustments, eliminate bright dark lines. Point by point correction technology, the whole screen brightness, and color consistency and uniformity. 4. High contrast, USES the high quality black lights and corrugated absorption and black mask, image is clear sharp, colorful and gorgeous. 5. Low reflective, USES the black fog lights and corrugated mask, suction light reflection in a light environment is small, images are still clearly visible. 6. Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation photosensitive regulating equipment, will not affect the display screen by ambient light. Nits 50 ~ 800 nits brightness grayscale almost no losses. 7. Ultra wide Angle of view, the LED screen Angle of 140 °, the Angle of uniform clear picture. P1. 66 indoor full-color is a representative of the high-end LED display. After the product launch for the impact of the whole and indoor display industry and penetration is huge. Product advantages too obvious. The only regret is high cost. Believe in the future the indoor small spacing P1. 66 led display going into ordinary families.
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