Led display offer unit is how to divide

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
LED display offer is based on what to order? A lot of friends don't know much about it. Here are in accordance with the whole screen to offer, display quotation, module. I hope this article can help you. Whole screen quotation: the whole screen quotation mainly aimed at the need to purchase a LED display user of the quotation of products, pricing for the unit is square meters. LED display price information mainly include: to make the whole screen LED display of the square meter price, price already contains a display form a complete set of power supply, housing, ribbon cable, power cord, etc must be accessories. Does not contain the external structure of the control system and installation need price information. Display quotation: display price is mainly refers to the LED display project budget price information. It contains a LED display square meters unit prices, LED display and peripheral facilities price ( Control systems, video processor, cooling air conditioning, TV card, power distribution cabinets, power amplifier information such as column) , steel price information, and sometimes involves the pillar price information. This depends on the screen what users need to manufacturers to provide reference information. Module quotation: minimum display unit module, LED display is included in the price of price information. Does not contain the whole screen must control the power and control system of price information, such as this kind of price information is mainly for the LED display assembly technology knowledge LED display engineering contractor. Price of LED display module, LED display module, LED electronic display unit plate prices these three information is refers to the same price level. With the continuous development of electronic industry, LED display and LCD display also constantly updated progress. Many friends for LED display price and offer don't quite understand, through the above detailed decomposition, we believe we have a new understanding. Powerful giant choi is a professional production and sales of LED display. Welcome to come to consult negotiate.
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