LED display module seven parameters what do you understand?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
LED module is the core part of LED display, it is an LED circuit board and the shell, and is the LED lamp bead arrange together encapsulate according to certain rules, and then add some waterproof treatment of a product. With the continuous development of LED display industry and application needs more and more widely, the function of the LED module and function are cannot be ignored. So, under the powerful giant ribbons together to get to know what is of the seven parameters of the LED module? The first color, LED module, it is the most basic parameters of the LED module, different color application on different occasions. According to the types of color can be divided into monochrome, full-color are two kinds of single point of control. 1, the monochromatic is a single color, can not be changed, and the connected to the power supply can work. 2, full color, single point is to control the color of each module, the module reaches a certain degree can be achieved when the number of display images and video effect. Full-color single point with control system to achieve the effect. Second, the brightness of LED module comes to brightness, we can think of the word high brightness, this parameter is the more attention a parameter. In the LED brightness is more complex problems, we usually in the brightness of the LED module, usually is the luminous intensity and transparency, is each module related to general degree sum come out. Third, LED module light Angle without lens of the LED module light Angle is mainly determined by LED lights, LED lamp bead light Angle vary, general with manufacturer of LED lamp bead light Angle is the Angle of the LED module. Fourth, LED module working temperature of LED module working temperature is usually in - Between 18 ° C to 58 ° C, if the requirements are high occasion will be special processing, such as air conditioning or fan. Fifth, LED module voltage it is a very important parameter in the LED module, current 12 v low voltage module is more common. When connect the power supply and control system to be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value, to electricity, otherwise it will damage the LED module. Sixth, the size of the LED module is usually refers to the aspect of higher dimension. Maximum length of a single connection: this parameter when doing the big project we use more, its meaning is in a series of LED modules, LED modules connected by number. The relationship with the LED module of the size of the cable. Also want to make to order according to the actual situation. Seventh, waterproofing of the LED module mainly for outdoor, it is to make sure the LED module can work over a long period of time in the outdoor. Usually in the case of all outdoor waterproof level best to reach IP65.
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