LED display method to detect the four daily maintenance system

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
LED display detection is very important for daily maintenance and maintenance. The correct system detection method can find a lot of potential problems, prevention. Common system detection method are: short circuit test, resistance test, voltage test, pressure drop test of these four methods. The following is one by one analysis for everyone. LED display system 1, the short circuit test methods to detect the big four: dispatch multimeter to short circuit test block ( General alarm function, such as the general principles of the guide ring crow) , detect whether there is a short circuit phenomenon flush, found that should be resolved immediately after the short circuit, short circuit fault phenomenon is the most common type of led display module. By observing the IC pins and needle pin can be found. Short circuit test should be under the condition of the circuit power manipulation, avoid damage to the multimeter. This method is the most commonly used to the method of simple and efficient. 90% of the failures can be covered by this method detection. 2, resistance test: dispatch multimeter to resistance, detection a normal piece of circuit board of some point to the ground resistance, the unity of the detection of another piece of the same circuit board points test, if there are different with normal resistance if different will determine the scope of subject. 3, voltage test: dispatch multimeter to voltage, to detect suspected subject some point of the circuit to ground voltage, compare whether similar to normal, can and will determine the scope of the subject. 4, pressure drop test: dispatch multimeter to the pressure drop of the diode detection, because of all the IC is composed of the basic unit of many pieces, only the miniaturization and so on when it's a pin electricity flowing fluent expired, will exist voltage drop on the pin. General and unified model of the pressure drop on the same IC pins are similar, according to the pressure drop on the pin value is good or bad, must be in the situation of power control circuit.
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