LED display mainstream processor interface is introduced

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
Now the application of Led display more and more widely. At the same time, hardware upgrade is faster and faster. Spawned a variety of video interface. So how are we going to distinguish between these interfaces? The following will introduce some of the market mainstream processor interface. DVIDVI interface phase correction for VGA, HDMI, DP interface, such as large size, is currently the main interface types LED stitching/processor. Its biggest advantage is fast and the picture is clear, the DVI digital signal, transmission is not required to pass through digital and analog to digital conversion process trival, greatly saves time, and at the same time of speed effectively eliminate the phenomenon such as ghosting. Makes the DVI compared with VGA for high resolution images more exquisite, is not susceptible to interference. VGAVGA interface there are 15 needle three rows, each row 5 hole, the vast majority of the LED stitching/processor with this interface, it is red, green and blue analog signal transmission and synchronization signal, The horizontal and vertical) 。 Many people think only HDMI hd signal transmission, sometimes it is a myth, because through the VGA connection can also show images of the 1080 p, even can achieve higher resolution. HDMIHDMI high-definition multimedia interface organization in December 2002, officially released the HDMI1. 0 version of the standard, marks the formal HDMI technology into historical stage. HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080 p, can also support the digital audio formats. Compared with DVI, and VGA HDMI interface of smaller size, but because of its smaller port not consolidate unit, more easy to loose, so the LED the application of stitching/processor than DVI, and VGA widely at present. SDISDI interface is a 'serial interface' digital components, coaxial cable, cable as the standard with BNC interface. That is to say we will existing in traditional system simulation framework to hd in the process of monitoring and control system, the need to wiring, simply change the front-end and back-end part, this will save big time for engineering cost and manpower cost. So in recent years in LED stitching/processors use increase gradually. 显示端口( DP) In high-definition video is popular, not high bandwidth of the display interface can be based. At the beginning of the advent of DP, it can provide the bandwidth of up to 10. 8 gb/s, even HDMI1. 3 provide bandwidth is also less in DP1. 0; In addition, the DP in addition to the Shared a cable, video and audio signals on a cable also can realize more features. Of peripheral devices to achieve the greatest degree of integration and control. But because of the limitation of various aspects, DP interface is still not the mainstream of LED stitching/processor interface, but its superior transmission quality, high extensibility, will be more reliable content protection technology is a new trend.
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