Led display line also went through several stages - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Led display in the current era of the low carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection against a background of rapid development, from a single economic industry chain development to today's diverse, independent research and development production of the new industry pattern. In the process of the LED display mainly went through six stages. A, forming stages: before 1990, the application of led display in indoor applications, displayed in indoor led display, instrumentation and other fields. At this stage, led to the development of mainly limited to material limitations, there are a lot of constraints in terms of communication control, led display is not widely in the field of application, shows the effect is also very general, analyze the led large screen, during this period, the led display have great application in foreign countries, the range is wide, due to restricted by technology and materials, our main products is given priority to with red, green double colors, has a high production cost. Second, the popularization stage: in 1990 - - - - - - - 1995 this five years, the domestic led industry is in a rapid development stage, since the 90 s, the world is in a period of rapid development of information and communication technology in various fields constantly breakthroughs, led the industry in the field of these two materials and control technology and new achievements continuously, led large screen display products became the mainstream. After successful development since the blue led chip, full-color led display also appears in the sight of people, the rapid development of electronic computer, makes the dynamic effect of led display into geometric multiples of ascension, in recent years is China's led industry's fastest-growing period. Three, promotion stage: this stage is 1995 - - - - - - - In 2003, during this period, the application of led display screen into a very stable promotion period, the industrial structure of continuously perfect, the overall presents a trend of rising steadily, in addition, full color led display technology has made great improve in all respects. During this period, the competition is also increasing, the domestic emerged a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, the product price has been back, it is undoubtedly a very gratifying for consumers. Led display also further expand the application field, has become the market mainstream products. Four, the innovation stage (2003 - - - - - - - In 2007, is the innovation stage of led display for these years, the domestic each big enterprise has flowers, led products from horizontal development technology and application fields, formed a broad market, there is a market there will be competition, competition in increasing driving leds in continuous improvement, constantly have new products, led in the aspect of basic materials and related technology development, improving continuously the innovation of domestic enterprises. Five, the large-scale stage (2008 - - - - - - - So far, the application of led display to mature, and rapid development in the direction of the scale. On a series of large-scale sports events, led products has been widely used, and further promote the development of scale of the application of market and industry, the small and medium-sized enterprises have already begun to the reorganization, merger, only through integration, is the capital and large enterprise competition. Many phenomena show that the domestic led industry, led the industry in our country is developing toward collectivization, scale direction. Six, industry reshuffle stage: 2011 - So far, preliminary the influx of a large number of practitioners, the good and evil people mixed up leading industry, excess capacity, industry reshuffle into a trend. Since 2011, a lot of brand enterprises have collapsed. Shuffling into the mainstream in recent years, the industry reshuffle is led industry growth is bound to experience pain, and industry reshuffle after era will towards a healthy and steady development.
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