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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
LED display, is a matter of life and not reasonable maintenance, will no longer use. So, decide what is the cause of LED display life? Is particularly important how to suit the remedy to the case, let's look at the factors determining the service life of LED display. The influence of LED lights, LED light source device bead device is a key to display is also related to the life of components. For the LED lamp bead, mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability properties, resistance to ultraviolet prevention performance. If the LED display manufacturer of LED lights, indicators of performance evaluation is not pass, is applied to the display screen, can lead to a large number of quality accident, serious influence the life span of the LED display. Two parts, in addition to the LED lamp bead light source, the influence of the LED display also use many other ancillary components, circuit boards, plastic shell, switching power supply, connectors, chassis and so on, any parts quality problems, can reduce the life of the screen. So, the life of the screen is determined by the key components of short-lived life. , for example, LED, switch power, metal shell are calculated by 8 years, material, standard, and circuit protection process performance can only support the work for three years, three years later because of corrosion damage will happen, so we can only get a piece of 7 years the life of the display screen. Three, the influence of the production process of products LED display products production technology of how to determine the fatigue performance. Inferior three proofing process to produce module to guarantee the anti-fatigue performance of changes in temperature and humidity, circuit protection surface cracks will appear, lead to protective performance degradation. So the LED display production process is to determine the key factors of display life. Screen production involved in the production process are: components, storage and pretreatment furnace welding technology, anti-corrosion treatment, waterproof sealing process, etc. The effectiveness of the process and selection of materials and grouting parameter, control, and related operator quality, for the vast LED display manufacturer, it is very important to the accumulation of experience, a factory with many years of experience in the production process of the control will be more effective. Four, the influence of the display screen work environment for different purposes, display of working conditions vary widely. From the aspects of environment, indoor temperature difference is small, no rain and snow and ultraviolet radiation; Outdoor temperature difference of up to 70 degrees, plus the wind or sunshine. Harsh environment will aggravate the ageing of the display, working environment is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the display. A sense of LED life decide the life span of the display screen. LED life is usually 50% of the time with luminous intensity attenuation to the initial value is the life stage. LED as a semiconductor material, people often say that there are 100000 hours of life, but is that under ideal conditions. And in the actual use condition is unattainable. LED lamp bead life decided to display of life, is not to say that the LED lamp bead life equal to display life. Display is not at work, each LED all the time in full, the LED display screen in the case of normal broadcast video program, the life of the LED display period should be LED lamp bead around 8 times of life, when the LED lamp bead work in small current under the conditions of life can be longer.
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