LED display lamp drive oneness and light flooding separation

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-08
LED circuit board, typically light board and drive board composition. At present there are two kinds of design scheme of a combination of the light flooding is a kind of light flooding separation. Choi strong today small make up to you explain what is lamp drive one and what is light flooding separation. Drive one light, LED lamp and driver IC all on a PCB, IC in the front of the PCB, saving copper platoon. Light flooding separation: LED in a separate PCB, drive IC on another PCB again, use row needles and row between the two PCB mother to signal with the method of connection. Lamp drive both unity and the light flooding separation comparison: 1, from the cost: the light flooding and the cost of slightly lower. 2, look from the Angle of maintenance: the separation of light flooding easy to repair, because he can replace each other to test, and the light flooding separation lamp together, it is easy to change the lamp. 3, from the Angle of heat dissipation, light flooding separation is more conducive to heat dissipation. Usually adopt the light flooding separation for the following reasons: the first: LED display USES a plug-in LED, LED light foot to affect on the back of the driver IC is normal, the light flooding separation method is adopted the second: LED screen point spacing is too small to affect the PCB circuit in the electronic design line, with the method of separation of light flooding can increase the PCB wiring area of the third: good for heat dissipation and does not affect the LED display, if use the light flooding, when the LED light density, driver IC is working quantity of heat is high, the driver IC via PCB directly affect the heat are LED lights for IC, make the LED color change. The light flooding separation won't appear this kind of situation. It is important to note that the general indoor scanning screen ( Because the chip number less) The light flooding and relatively more ( Cost savings) And outdoor LED display screen is usually in the form of light flooding separation, in order to extend the life of the screen effect and.
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