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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
By the indoor P4 in full-color LED display in the hometown of marshal ye jianying - recently Meizhou completed smoothly. This is indoor X4 series hd LED display, installed in meizhou xin hong leong is hotel is by the meizhou city are hotel investment co. , LTD. 1. 6. 8 billion yuan to build, is one of the xin key investment project of the municipal party committee, the China national tourism administration, four-star standard of integrated business hotel. Hotel business formally on January 8, 2012, the hotel overall European design, and into the thick of the hakka culture elements. With the help of the local rich hakka folk culture as the background, create 'cultural hon, sweet hong' theme hotel ', the hotel design and decoration tries to reflect the hakka culture, based in xin hotel facilities at present the most advanced, most complete function, service the most leading large-scale reception and business conference type hotel. Downtown hotel is located in the xin urban district, adjacent to the beautiful scenery of ning river bank, adjacent to the city of xin automobile passenger transportation center, from the railway station, MeiHe expressway entrance, S205 national highway 2 km, near at hand, the traffic is very convenient. More than 80000 square meters, the main building 11 floors, deputy building 5 floors, guest room, dining, conference and entertainment functions in one, fully functional, complete supporting facilities, is the biggest business travel hotel, xin city is your the best choice for leisure travel, business meetings, banquets. Into the resplendent and magnificent lobby, is a pair of nearly 70 square meters show the hakka culture elements, cast copper friezes from zhaoqing academy of art design, the whole wall carving concentrated the divine mountain, ancient city wall, the dragon house, WuLongDeng, celebrates the holiday, xing marry a pragmatic and simple folk customs, such as wall all show the hakka folk essence. The lobby positive is a statue of a mother's love of cast copper sculpture, sculpture is lifelike, hakka mother's care for her children, hard competitive, looked at the vision of a less-pressured reveal the greatness of a mother's love! In the warmth of a mother's love child huan scene, is like drinking from a cup of full-bodied aroma hakka both tasteful and alive thick sponge kind! Two huge premiums to more than 100 of hakka art is the essence of our hotel culture and art! Vestibule design is unique, function and clear clear, comfortable temperature and humidity, considerate furniture, beautiful environment color and warm lighting lighting, build the atmosphere that gives warmth, downy, the lobby looks magnificent, Yu Yu brightness! Hotel has various types of rooms, executive suites, family suites, presidential suites 92 rooms, suites with European design concept, stood by the window and look to the east to see xin city half of the city, to the west as you can see the ancient city, xin here can view overlooking xing-cheng, times feeling is exalted glory! The hotel has multi-functional conference facilities, meeting banquet hall spacious style, complete advanced equipment, can meet the needs of the various meetings. Hotel has experienced and professional meeting quality team to provide you with the housekeeper type service, from hotel, dining, conference and meeting all kinds of activities, we can fully preparing for the guest, let a guest to get rid of the cumbersome, enjoy a relaxed and comfortable meeting trip to Chinese restaurant and banquet hall located on the skirt building, second floor with hakka local food culture as the theme, can accommodate 800 people dining at the same time. Which has 650 M squared multi-functional banquet hall, 350 M squared Chinese restaurant, and 2 kinds of meeting rooms available for more than 800 people attend the meeting and banquet. Skirt of 4, 5 floor there are 23 with thick hakka wai dragon house room, adopt the ten ancient hakka residences around the dragon house combined with modern design concept. 23 deluxe VIP rooms, antique, and the green landscape set each other off becomes an interest out of the window. Here, which is mainly composed of authentic cantonese and hakka food not only provide food, also provide distinctive cantonese morning tea, all kinds of exquisite dessert dozens more. The skirt building on the third floor hongxing international entertainment clubs, with 28 deluxe KTV rooms, all equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment, Italian original package imports and is equipped with computer selects a function, in many popular, English, Japanese, Taiwanese songs, can make every guest star on stage. Located on the second floor of the main building, western restaurant, the style is contracted and contemporary, area of about 300 square meters, can accommodate 100 people dining at the same time; On the second floor also has a business center, to meet your business needs. Located in the hong is the first floor lobby bar and meizhou region unique design concept of yacht type hon tea lane, let you in the drink, taste the aromatic coffee and beauty resides on the yacht, also let you enjoy the wonderful time in leisure. In line with 'customer first, pay attention to detail' the service idea, since test industry, hotel hotel set up eight one room, more than 200 employees in under the leadership of general manager, adhering to the hon all hotel 'pursuit of excellence, perfection' the management idea, to 'institutionalization, standardization, standardization, humanization' scientific management, solidarity, the pursuit of excellence, gradually formed a set of international four-star standard of management team and management system. 'Xin, pursuit of the first-class brand' the eastern guangdong is our business objectives. Neat &graceful shekinah mountain, winding quiet ning on the Banks of rivers, has the hakka culture deep xin ten ancient dwellings, hakkas enclose dragon house, dacheng hall, wenfeng tower, the people's park, star park, pearl culture square and phoenix the promenade and other human landscape. Hon all spirit rhyme to the hotel at lingshan xiushui, will become 'small nanjing' - — Xin city, a beautiful card and a shinning pearl of the east guangdong hotel industry! LED display - - - - - - - Create every exciting scene! Service hotline: 4008 368 - 386
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