Led display is good or bad how to identify

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
Led display the role of the hidden, more can have a business to spread propaganda to increase the role of the customer, so it is very important to buy a good full-color displays, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of display? Let below small make up to answer for you. A good full-color displays must have the following characteristics: 1. See the white balance of led display is what kind of effect. The stand or fall of the white balance is primarily determined by the control system, so we must pay attention to whether white inside contain dark blue or partial yellow-green. 2. Led display the balance of uniformity of led display normal performance within the plus or minus 1 mm, this mainly embodies the producers on details and production capability. If the flatness of screen is very poor, would lead to display the visual Angle of corner of would happen. 3. Color reducibility of the color of the led display should be and playback of the source color keep highly consistent, so as to ensure broadcast image distortion.
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