LED display is energy saving - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
LED display since there has been is valued for its energy-saving, environmental protection, the LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantage is quite obvious and outstanding, in the near future, a full trend to replace traditional lighting. LED display itself using luminescent material is energy-saving products. But, due to the outdoor display area is generally larger, so the power consumption is large. At present, many outdoor LED display manufacturer calls the world energy organization and the interests of the industry for the long-term development perspective, has introduced more outdoor LED display of energy saving, low carbon products, its power consumption, compared to the previous screen, a lot of improvement. Outdoor LED display, as a result of environmental brightness around day and night there is a big change, so we can automatically adjust the methods of outdoor LED display brightness, achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction. Led display screen the implementation of the main energy saving from the power supply, on the existing led display directly by using the efficiency of the whole bridge or half bridge switching power supply, combined with synchronous rectifier and energy saving effect is remarkable. To drive the decrease of the IC as far as possible under the condition of constant current power supply voltage, through the red, green and blue tube core is separated from the power supply to achieve better energy saving effect. Of course this kind of non-standard voltage power supplies and application of new technology costs will rise. Look from the screen driver IC, energy saving is not obvious, reduce drive constant current differential pressure also brings new problems, including the cost. Some propaganda drive IC enterprises energy saving design, no more than is for sales strategy. With improvements in the environmental protection consciousness of people all over the world, we can hear the low carbon everywhere, energy conservation and emissions reduction, can feel the people for the sake of environmental protection efforts: city electric taxi; LED road lights; Solar + wind street light; Non-fresno freezers air conditioning and so on are the true feelings of our life.
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