LED display introductory knowledge literacy

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
The concept and types, LED LED light-emitting diode, is a tiny electronic semiconductor, can convert electric power into visible light. LED using chemical species determines its color, brightness and power. LED lights have no filament, won't appear incandescent filament burn, damage problem. There are two kinds of different forms of LED. Manufacturer to use a variety of types of leds to create digital display, two of the most common for the hole ( 通过- - - - - - Hole, often referred to as domestic direct plug-in) LED and surface-mount devices, Surface Mount Device, SMD) LED, also called table paste technology ( Surface Mout Technology, hereinafter referred to as SMT) 。 Each type of each has its advantages, make its can satisfy the requirements of different applications. Table stick refers to the LED lead frame installation. LED lamp bead is installed on the surface of the circuit board. SMD include red, green, and blue chips. Table stick type LED into type LED by wire connection circuit boards, a higher position. Each LED lamp bead is red, green, and blue monochromatic light beads. Upright type LED 2, table type LED watch posts: the advantages of the directional reflection cup, because do not have put leds emit light not focusing on table. On the contrary, the light evenly dispersed on the horizontal and vertical angles, to provide a broader perspective. This makes table paste type LED most indoor application and some compact distance between the ideal choice for outdoor application. A closer look at the wonderful color mixture performance; Under the extreme point of color without deviation; Wide perspective. Three, upright type LED into type LED advantages: direct plug-in LED by using reflection cup and epoxy resin lens component. This combination and the chip type, determines the elliptic cones. Upright type LED reflection cup focuses light to a specific Angle area. Remote viewing optimization; The sun higher contrast; Black matte reducing reflection; Than the table put higher brightness. Four, 1 LED indicators. Module 2. Pixel LED module is composed of video wall 'lego parts'. Module depending on the arrangement of production, market and different purposes. 3. Resolution pixels is short for image element, is to form the basis of letters, Numbers, graphics, video spot. One pixel can be a single LED, more same color leds, or more different color leds. They are the smallest element of electronic display system, can realize independent control on different brightness levels or switch. The number of pixels resolution is electronic display physical area. Number of pixels per unit area, the more details according to ability. Resolution is the display size, pixel, pixels spacing and viewing distance. 4 mm pixel pitch 16 pixel pitch 4 mm. Viewing angles - — Pixel pitch cone 26 mm visual Angle or viewing area is greater than the best Angle of view, the concrete is decided by site condition and ambient light. Consider when choosing a display which will be installed position and Angle. Within the display cones can obtain the best image, so it is best to the audience may watch the position of the arrangement in the cone. 5. Viewing distance larger character will have a long viewing distance, small is more short. Pixel spacing between indoor and outdoor applications also change of viewing distance calculation is based on display type and with the distance of the screen. Each screen has a minimum and maximum visual range, based on application and USES. 。
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