LED display installation requires which department for examination and approval

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
LED display to install need to pass the examination and approval of local government. Usually to go through the following divisions: business, law enforcement, urban management, urban construction planning. Each region of the standard is a bit different, but very much the same. These four departments are not allowed to issue a certificate. Strictly speaking is reported to the local public security bureau also needs. Just look at the LED display for examination and approval procedures and documentation needed. Outdoor full-color LED display approval process: first, first of all to the planning bureau and apply for your installation. I. e. , the LED screen setting scheme is in accordance with the relevant requirements, whether or not the setting of the electronic display solutions. Need to provide information: should have green fees agreement set to advertising, advertising orientation diagram, safety certification, and electricity has been proved that the structure making drawings, set up in front of the photo and set after rendering. Second, after the success of the application to the construction bureau of urban management department to apply for to deal with. Related damage. If LED installation area is larger, but also by the transport for approval to install. Third, after the success of the above by both apply to the enforcement is dealt with. Must provide the data: the electronic screen setting place four figure and related plan and other relevant certificates and materials. Fourth, finally to the industrial and commercial bureau to handle the 'billboard' need to submit the data: the business license; Head of id card; Billboard design copy; Advertising management of unit licence photocopy; Planning bureau, the law enforcement bureau, construction bureau, transportation bureau, proved by the application. The above reaction is an individual to invest in a piece of outdoor advertising screen, need what to department for examination and approval, after each related department which aspects mainly for examination and approval of the project, we are individuals to invest in a screen for each related department for examination and approval, what should be reported to the specific written material, for reference, auditing, and through the other. Apply for advertising screens for examination and approval, and shall submit the following documents: 1, business license copy; ( Industrial and commercial bureau to issue) 2, advertising business license copy; ( Industrial and commercial bureau to issue) 3, feasibility study report, mainly to the screen on the local designs city-lighting, improve local business value, compared with traditional outdoor billboard easy administrative unit management, environmental protection, countries have passed laws to support electronic screen to replace traditional outdoor billboard, etc. Aspects of the analysis report, the beneficial aspects of local city plans to write a report, on the one hand, approved. 4, the competent department approval document; ( The above planning bureau, the public security bureau and other audit files) 5, advertising sites use the original agreement; For example, in shopping malls to exterior wall screen, need to sign a venue rental agreement with the other side, where the traditional outdoor billboard to make on the roof or the building metope, have to lease agreement signed with the other position ( Fixed number of year) Deal with relevant formalities, and then by the agreement. 6, set up the site in accordance with the laws and regulations should be approved by the relevant government departments, the relevant departments of the approval documents shall be submitted; Apply for registration of outdoor advertising should have the basic conditions: 1, shall obtain the status of operation associated with the application matters. 2, have the ownership of the corresponding outdoor advertising media. 3, advertising place, within the permitted scope of form in the national law, conform to the local people's government and the advertising management of outdoor advertising planning requirements. 4, outdoor advertising media generally shall not release all kinds of advertising information, with special needs should be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state. Registration procedures and related requirements: 1, for the application for registration of the outdoor advertising, 30 days before the shall be issued in the advertisement, apply to the release to industrial and, after waiting for documents ready to accept to register, and pay the registration fee by the regulation. 2, through the examination and approval of outdoor advertising must be according to the location of the registration, forms, specifications, time, such as content distribution, shall not, without change, register for examination and approval, as the contents of advertisements published at the same time. Three months after registration of 3, outdoor advertising did not release, shall apply for cancellation of registration with the original registration authority.
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