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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
LED display installation production manufacturer of professional words how much you know, the LED display in the studio and television is increasingly used in large-scale activities, as a backdrop, it provides a variety of vivid, brilliant background images and more interactive features, make the background images also move also static, the performances and background together, let a person feel immersive. It brings stage more daydream space, design the modern and the stage of visual impact, perfect to live and show the atmosphere of the fuses in together, realize the other stage arts the function and effect of equipment is difficult to achieve. If you don't know, such chat, feel the pressure very big? How to do? All said terms this thing, today, to share the most comprehensive LED display noun explanation, let you from 2017 LED display screen small white instant change to understand the emperor! What is a synchronous system, asynchronous system is what? Synchronous and asynchronous is relative to the computer puts it, the so-called synchronization system, refers to the content and the computer screen displayed synchronous display of LED display control system; Asynchronous refers to the system, the computer editing a good display data stored in advance within the display control system, turn off the computer will not affect the normal display of the LED display, the control system is an asynchronous control system what is a blind spot detection technology? Through the upper software and the underlying hardware, the blind spot of the display screen can be ( LED open circuit and short circuit) Detected, and form the report tell LED managers, so a technique called blind spot detection technology; What is a power test? Through superior software and the underlying hardware, the display screen can be detected all power supply of the work, and form the report manager told the LED screen body, so a technique called power detection technology, what is the brightness? What is the brightness adjustment? Brightness detection of brightness is refers to the LED display brightness, the environment through light sensors, would display the brightness is detected in the environment, the detection method called brightness; The brightness adjustment of brightness is to point to to the brightness of the LED display, detect the data feedback to the LED display control system and control computer, and then according to the data to adjust the brightness of the display screen, called brightness adjustment; What is the real pixels? What is a virtual pixels? Virtual pixel points that several? What is a pixel Shared? Real pixel refers to the physical screen pixel points and actual display pixels is 1:1, the relationship between display actual how many points, how many points can only display of image information. Virtual pixels is refers to a physical pixel points and the actual display of the pixel points of 1: N ( N = 2, 4) Relationship, it can show the actual image pixels than display 2 times or 4 times more pixels; Virtual pixel according to the virtual way can be divided into: hardware and software of virtual virtual: according to the multiple relationship is divided into two virtual, virtual and 4 times in a row of lights on the module pattern is divided into: 1 r1g1b virtual and 2 r1g1b virtual.
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