Led display installation and maintenance procedures

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Now most outdoor advertising application will use the led display, the display convenient installation maintenance, and operation is stable, energy conservation, environmental protection, therefore used on outdoor advertising is of great advantage. But to have a better display effect, should be to do a good job of installation and maintenance, these are skills essential to every practitioner, here to introduce to you, how to carry on the led display the correct installation and maintenance. 1, the on site survey first. Want to carry on the led display installation, must at first, this is the most basic work, do you want for the current environment and terrain, but also understand the screen to cover the scope of the area, as well as its display brightness, and so on. Before installing, to design a complete safety hoisting plan, ensures that all equipment to be used, can begin to install. 2, set up the framework of relevant, and equipment. The installation of the led display installation is not just the installation of led screen, need to advance the construction of the billboard and framework, to discriminate between different advertising model, such as the hanging body advertisement, a curtain wall ads and roof, etc. , these installation requirements are different, need equipment also don't talk, if want to undertake the work high above the related equipment and the safety measures in advance to reach the designated position. 3, a fixed screen and debugging equipment. Led display after installed, but also to a certain reinforcement of screen, avoid it unsafe, and debug the equipment, guarantee its brightness scene and display range suitable for work, so the merchants and easy to use. Double color led display in use process should pay attention to these points
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