LED display information release system composition and design - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
LED display information publishing system is through some kind of data transmission to the LED display on a large scale network and remote real-time control, media advertising and publishing system. Complete LED display information release system consists of three parts, sending system, accept the processing system, display system: 1, to accept the penalty system: consists of LED control card, can be integrated, also can be a combination of, depends on the specific situation. 2, send system: general by product manufacturers to provide the corresponding LED display control software. Such as research of color science and technology LED display control card will match the corresponding LED display control card software. 3, display system: consists of single and double color/full-color LED display. Due to the full color data transmission capacity, and the limitation of GPRS traffic fee, the wireless LED release system on the market at present most only support single and double color, support full color is still not much. LED display information release system design principles: 1, the encryption: for sending advertising, must ensure that their network of good encryption, effective intrusion rejected all spam. 2, can increase: system should have good can increase as the number of terminal increased, the use of user scope, system function, can upgrade smoothly, protect the investment. 3, safety: to ensure the security of data transmission, and for system management should have permissions, only has a certain access key to access, monitoring, implementation of the corresponding management and operation of control, to ensure the system safe and reliable. 4, practical, the operation of the whole system in order to convenient, concise, and high efficiency as the goal, fully embodies the characteristics of rapid response, both to facilitate operation personnel for information processing and publishing, convenient for management to understand the various statistical information in time.
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