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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Don't know what you know about LED display before, LED display industry is how to develop, if LED display are strange to you, then take a look at small make up for all relevant knowledge, may be able to bring you harvest? Take a look at: along with the development of video technology, now in the stage show, using LED electronic display screen is no longer a fresh stage activities. Now in the domestic stage use LED electronic display screen can be said to be everywhere. Because the LED display its expressive force is very rich: can simulate real and natural. In recent years, LED rental display market is very popular, drives the whole LED display industry will enter into the high speed growth stage. In addition to being a large number of applications in the outdoor advertising screen, screen, traffic-induced screen for performing arts, etc. , used in indoor LED display is also a potential huge market, including indoor monitor screen and indoor electronic curtain wall and so on. But from a technical level, LED display and data transmission between the mainboard commonly used are serial data transmission mode ( SPI) , and then transmitted signal packet multiplexing technology synchronous display the data and control data. It is important to note that the LED screen technology innovation has been involved in the industrial chain of each link, including drive the improvement of the IC technology, hardware and control software of the control system of intelligent development. LED display technology not only innovation will continue to promote the growth of the LED display speed, and LED display manufacturer can take the opportunity to break the LED display industry development. To small make up knowledge research statistics show that in 2011 China LED display industry output value reached 21. 9 billion yuan, up 18% year on year, predicts that 2012 - In 2015, China will remain 15 - LED display industry Growth of 20%, it is conceivable that it is how fast the speed of growth. With the rapid development of the LED display market now, more and more people on the LED screen is put forward from the visual effect, transport, display, to the way they play and a series of complex requirements, which makes the LED screen products are facing a new technological innovation opportunity, let everybody have a good looking forward to it. Of LED display, presented today small make up to the development of the industry is introduced here, believe you see after the introduction of our understanding of this knowledge will be more, hope to be of help.
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