LED display in the frame is how to achieve?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
LED display in the frame frequency is what concept? This we also look at the first time characteristics of human visual, the resolution of the human eye visual observation is one of the characteristics of sports co. , LTD. , a series of discrete independent frame under the action of visual residue could look like a continuous. Is first film television is the use of this feature, the cohesion of little change before and after a series of still images ( The frame) Quickly switch to cause movement effect. So produce visual reality has two requirements: first, the image of the return rate must be sufficient to ensure that action is very smooth transition between frame and frame; Second, can reproduce speed must also be sufficient to make visual residue cover refresh when switching of flashing. LED display is driven by electric current to flow through, simply without consideration to the system design, the refresh rate is the current through the LED by addressing the time and speed. Refresh rate calculation formula is: horizontal synchronous frame frequency scan line X = refresh rate, generally flat display set the refresh rate more than 75, or it will feel a little 'flash', simple said is the number of display screen is a LED display repeat; LED display in the frame frequency definition: LED display in frame frequency increase in addition to the support of the system need addressing faster time more, while addressing the time and the frequency of the transmission ( DCLK) And addressing the number has a strong positive correlation. Frames: the display 1 seconds continuous images used in the frame also is to use many pictures to show the second picture, frames more work feeling more fluid, which in turn will feel not smooth picture 'card' visual sense of not feeling well. Simple will be per unit time the number of LED display screen information update, the number of frames when reaches a certain picture smooth feeling will be very comfortable. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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