LED display imaging principle and the best Angle of view

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
Full color LED display is generally through the computer the above documents, video, images and text. By the graphics card sent to send card to handle transcoding. And then to receive card drive imaging. So when we choose our LED display to how to achieve the best display effect? LED display picture quality has a lot to do with the following factors, the brightness of the display, the width of the frame and install the best visual range, all indexes meet the needs of the current use of the environment, only then the display effect is the best. Display is composed of many subsystems, we need to have a detailed understanding of each subsystem. LED display imaging principle which include power supply, video encoder and oplus code, line driver, digital signal processor ( DSP) And so on, these subsystems work closely to produce a video image. If you look closely at the LED display screen, you'll see hundreds of single video panel. Again a little bit near, you will find that each panel contains 16 x16 pixels. Each LED anode of electrical connection to a LED driver output. Eventually, the tens of thousands of LED drive will control by hundreds of thousands of LED lights, producing video images. LED display brightness requirements of LED display screen brightness is not as bright as possible, in some environments, brightness is too light or too dark can display the best display effect into full play. Which requires LED display of choose and buy when, according to the application of the brightness to match the most suitable brightness or through drive automatic adjustment. In this way can not hurt the eyes of the audience, as well as to provide satisfactory LED display quality. Most high-end LED drive provides designers with a variety of ways to control the LED current in the system. These drives have the characteristics of some help to trim the LED brightness, such as: points correction ( DC) And pulse width modulation ( 脉宽调制) Dimming and global brightness control ( BC) And so on. Although these features provide the same basic functions that adjust the LED brightness, but their use is different. Understand correctly use of these features is the key to the video with the best quality. LED display the best Angle of view about the LED display screen wide Angle of view and the best visual range, this required prior to installation, the use of occasions, the measure standard, the computing needs of viewing Angle and visual distance, then according to the requirements to match, so we can ensure the products meet the application needs, the best, the best quality for the audience.
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