LED display how to preventive maintenance LED display three big problem

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
With the continuous development of science and technology and the improving of the led technology updates, the service life of the led display has been extended, but it is a good quality electronic products, if the lack of maintenance is not enough. There are so many customers friend didn't really know the led screen related operation and matters needing attention, when you use led to greatly reduce the service life of the led. Therefore, powerful giant colour technicians here detailed instructions for everyone in the process of using led display maintenance problems. A. Led display switch problem after the first thing we need to start up the tail, first to turn it off and then GuanBing, if we closed the computer without first first, close the led screen, the screen will appear high bright spot in the end, the risk of burning lamp burning lamp consequence is very serious. We cannot constantly switch machine, switch the poor time interval must be more than five minutes, in addition, we want to avoid all white screen state of the tail, so at this moment the system is one of the biggest impact current, if the environment temperature is too high or the cooling conditions are bad, then we don't long tail effect is not good, if we often LED screen will appear the phenomenon of the power switch tripping, at this time we want to check the screen for the power switch replacement, to ensure the normal use, regular inspection hang it firmly, if want to reinforce or update hang loose phenomenon. Part two, LED display control system changes, changes in note 1. Computer, the power of the control part of zero line and the line of fire can, in turn, we should strictly position to plug. Such as peripherals, connection, we should use the testing machine test is charged. 2. Mobile computers at the time of control devices, such as electricity money should first check the connecting cables and control panel whether the presence of loose phenomenon, can't literally change the communication line, the position of the flat cable, and length. Three, use software operating the note to scan for viruses regularly, delete unrelated data master control parameters setting, basic data of preset modification. , skilled installation method, the original data recovery and backup. Familiar with process, operation and editing. Software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, application, software installation procedures, database, etc. , it is recommended to use the 'ghost' software, easy to operate. Part-time staff, do not operating software system.
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