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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Early LED display, because of its simple structure, low resolution, the difficulty of radiation harassment project to did not highlight, with the continuous development of LED display technology, the structure is complicated, the volume increases, increasing the number of power directly lead to monitor internal cables and cable length increase, lead to the increase of radiation source power. Also due to the resolution of the ascension, module clock frequency is becoming more and more high, also is one of the reasons that the radiation is higher. And in order to satisfy the requirement of the product consistency, is needed when product is designed for EMC to return enough allowance, avoid to cause electrical properties on the consistency of the does not conform to, in the face of these challenges companies before making a form of test should do to corresponding difficult points in the third party inspection agencies baseline test, reasonable planning, can smoothly through the test. Keep the stage certificate, need to strengthen management, the consistency of the control of product consistency control besides key-module consistency of control and product electrical performance of the control, the two parts to check any abnormal or inconsistencies, and discovered by regulators or complaint, causes a 3 c authentication certificate is suspended or revoked. Many key-module P16 advertising screen itself, in the physical check, need to check the nameplate, structure, key-module and forms such as the consistency of the report. Some key-module such as the power cord, switch power supply and so on itself are likely to get the 3 c certification, is the enterprise need not regular to check the validity of the certificate, if the certificate expired or invalid, requires the supplier or the enterprise itself to the designated agency confirmed inspection test, to meet the product accord with gamma to sex. According to these, in the form of trial stage, the choice of key-module, can be reported to the alternative materials, to ensure that the certification within a certain period of time will not because of the change of key-module affect the validity of the certificate.
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