Led display how to deal with the wet environment

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
Recently, parts of the south is still rain continuously, the feeling in the air can squeeze out water, pervasive moisture if stranded on a circuit board for a long time, it is easy to cause the mildew of circuit boards, resulting in failure of performance! Therefore, in order to ensure the LED display can beautiful shine in the humid weather, we must to do a good job of spring moisture. As long as the steps, display screen easily cope with damp environment 1, the choose and buy good LED display moisture as a first step, first of all make sure has moistureproof function display, this aspect to look at the product of mouth is very powerful giant colour beautiful how to do a good job of moistureproof. First of all, display a variety of materials, use vacuum packing, placed moistureproof card, desiccant in order to ensure the stable quality of raw material, storage environment humidity control in appropriate - 30% 60%RH。 2, scientific storage for dealers, moistureproof deposit need to pay attention to two points: 1, inventory storage should be placed in dry ventilated place, Proposal placed on the second floor or above) on the second floor With pallet or other objects mat is high, can't let the product directly contact with the ground. 2, display boxes, after unpacking the whole case to put desiccant, pincer-like device sealed with adhesive tape, not directly exposed to the air. 3. Moistureproof light moistureproof end-user spring, you need to ensure that LED display the tail light 2 - at least every week Each time, 3 times at least half an hour or more, the switch LED display, note: boot first, after the tail, GuanBing first, after power off.
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