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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
With the popularity of LED display in recent years, a lot of people are beginning to be attracted by its excellent display effect, but for the LED display is confused about failure, at a loss. Universal existence of such a thing in life, a lot of people bought LED display its function use degree is less than 30%, so that can't let the customer 100% perfect experience. Today will follow together to get to know about LED display water treatment of the problem. 1, with the fastest speed with a fan or other tools, will fill the screen completely dry. 2, will be completely dry after screen electricity aging, specific steps are as follows: (1) the brightness ( All white) Increased to 10%, electricity aging 8 - About 12 hours. (2) the brightness ( All white) Increased to 30%, electricity aging for 12 hours. (3) the brightness ( All white) 12-60%, electricity aging 24 hours. (4) the brightness ( All white) 12-80%, electricity aging 24 hours. (5) the brightness ( All white) Increased to 100%, electricity aging 8 - About 12 hours. 3, to complete the above steps, the screen body will basically returned to normal; But in the process also need to pay attention to the following: (1) the discovery of the warehouse or led large screen panel body into the water, the water should be urgent to its processing, don't delay the time. (2) the organization staff to fill the led large screen panel body blow dry processing. (3) not to have water led large screen panel in the air box body, so it is easy to leds frowsty bad. (4) in the warehouse, the water may have to fill the air box, should to exposure of all air box, prevent moisture to evaporate into the led display screen after loading box. 5. All water led display is not handled in time may be more or less affect the stability of the screen, doing emergency treatment process, the screen body after electrify constantly death light phenomenon could occur. 6. All the water of led display screen in the flight case. More than 72 hours, the screen body basically no value, handled carefully, please. These measures are only emergency treatment measures, the masses of customers friend if failure problems please call national free service hotline: 4008 - 368 - Resold through to 386, the company will arrange professional after-sales personnel to after-sales service for you. To create each exciting scene!
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