Led display how to choose to participate in the exhibition

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
According to the LED display enterprise survey found that in the exhibition season, a day to receive around October exhibition invitation. In the face of a wide variety of exhibitions, LED companies see more dazzling. So how to choose the exhibition, to avoid some not qualified exhibition companies at the so-called 'international' LED products exhibition, so as to realize the spread of the enterprise investment promotion and brand effect? For LED business, if you want to achieve the exhibitors effect, need to win in the following four aspects: one is to participate in the exhibition. Generally speaking, the exhibition's popularity is higher, the more you will attract exhibitors merchants and buyers, the possibility of clinch a deal. If you join a new exhibition, is to see whether the organizers who, how power in the business. Popularity of the exhibition often charge higher, for cost saving, can be Shared with people booths. Even so, the effect will be better than in those not well-known small exhibition. The second is to verify the organizer authenticity. Said although some exhibitions, guidance units, co-sponsors raised some ministries signs, association signs, seems to be very professional, exhibitors to verify whether these ministries and association to participate in this exhibition, to determine the true and false. Three is to choose the time and place of exhibitors. Due to the LED products have peak season and off-season, such as site selection, the final purpose is to attend the exhibition to promote products in the region, so be sure to research the site of the exhibition and the surrounding radiation area is enterprise target market, if there is a potential purchasing power, when necessary to do market research first. Four is to participate in the TTF attending. Increasingly specialization is an important characteristic of modern exhibition, the exhibition on the same topic can be subdivided into many small TTF attending. The exhibition of the same industry, its concrete content may be different. Exhibitors must know in advance, in order to avoid 'misguided'. LED display enterprises to participate in the exhibition, of course, still have to according to their own company's actual situation to determine, rational choice, rational choice.
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