LED display how the correct switch machine

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
Now the advertising carrier in the LED display in the city occupies a high proportion. The best carrier to say the future of outdoor media is LED, its incomparable advantage to gain more customers. But in the use of many businesses for operation method is not yet fully understand. Improper operation lead to LED display shortened lifespan, screen body damage. The following introduction of LED display for you to how to correctly switch machine. In order to ensure the normal operation of the display screen. The switch LED electronic display screen, note: 1, switching sequence, the tail: when switched on, after the tail. GuanBing GuanBing: first off, First close the computer's not display screen, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp, serious consequences. ) 2, switch screen every time more than 5 minutes; 3, computer into the engineering control software before opening the electricity. 4, to avoid all white screen in a state of the tail, because the impact of the current largest system. 5, avoid out of control in the state of the tail, because the system of the inrush current is the largest. 6. Ambient temperature too high or the cooling conditions are bad, do not for a long time the tail should be paid attention to. 7. LED electronic display body part of a line of very bright, should pay attention to timely GuanBing, shoulds not be long time under the state of the tail. 8. Often appear of the LED display power switch trip, should be timely check screen or replace the power switch. 9. Regularly check to hang it firmly. If there are any loose phenomenon, pay attention to adjust, and to reinforce or update a string. 10. According to the big screen display screen, control part of the environment, avoid insect bites, should be placed against the rat poison when necessary. Second, the control part of the changes, changes in note 1. Computer, the control part of the power cord to zero, the fire can not reverse connection, plug should be strictly in accordance with the original position. If there are any peripherals, connection to end, should test cases are charged. 2. The control devices such as mobile computing, should first check prior to power connection lines, control panel for the loose. 3. Not at liberty to change the location of the communication lines, flat connection lines, length. 4. If there are any short circuit, tripping, burn the mobile line, the anomaly appeared such as smoking, should not be repeated electric test, should be timely find problems. Three backup software operate note 1: WIN2003, WINXP, application, software installation procedures, database, etc. , it is recommended to use the 'ghost' software, easy to operate. 2 master installation method, the original data recovery and backup. 3 master control parameters setting, basic data of preset modified 4 skilled use the program, and editing operation. 5 to scan for viruses regularly, delete data of 6 unrelated. Part-time workers, do not operating software system. The correct operating LED display, in addition to ensure the safety of the LED display used, also can ensure the safety of the user and the viewer. So the correct operating LED display is the staff must master the knowledge.
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