LED display have damage to the eyes?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
LED displays for several years, the rapid popularization in cities, whether it is a square, hospitals, stores, party. Can say just need to spread information directly will have his shadow. LED display is famous for its highlighting, may not care about in the daytime, but at night without adjusting the brightness eyes directly to watch will feel very dazzling. The LED display will light to the eyes from damage? What we come into contact with the natural light is the sun, the product of human eyes is also evolved creatures, in the long-term evolution has adapted to the sun as the light. Different wavelengths of visible light cause we have different color, according to the wavelength of light from long to short lined, we feel the colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple. Blue and purple is the wavelength of visible light. When these different wavelengths of light into our eyes at the same time, we feel it is white. Newton's a famous experiment is to make a beam of sunlight through the prism, the white light is broken into QiSeGuang spectrum. Yellow-green light is most sensitive in people, this is also the longest wavelength of the earth's surface. From yellow-green to short wavelength light blue and purple light direction, intensity gradually weakened. There is a certain amount of ultraviolet and infrared solar spectrum, but the human eye is not sensitive to ultraviolet and infrared. Infrared irradiation on our skin, can cause the feeling of hot, so it is also called thermal radiation. Ultraviolet ray is too strong or irradiation time is too long can burn the skin, also can damage eyes. We know that with leds more blue light in the spectrum, in the vicinity of a wavelength of 450 nm has strong blue light, although from an economic point of view this is the most economical source, but with the human eye habit there is big difference between the solar spectrum, in the long run, will be bad for the eyes damage your health. The blue light from the LED display for your eyes how hurt? According to data shows, the blue light during the day can improve people's attention, to improve the person's mood. Night, on the other hand, for a long time will give the brain exposed to blue light signal reduce the secretion of melatonin, and this kind of material can adjust human biological rhythm, once the lack of human circadian rhythm will be disrupted, cause the symptom such as insomnia, long time exposure in LED blue light also can affect the person's heart health. Light entering the eye, absorbed by the visual intracellular molecules, cause photochemical reaction, resulting in a vision. This is the cause that causes visual cell damage, especially the shorter wavelength blue light. Experiment found that the visible spectrum short wave of photon energy is greater than long wave photon energy, easily absorbed by certain biological macromolecules. Molecules absorb photons, in high excited state energy; Excited state of biological molecules and other molecular interactions, can result in active oxygen and free radicals in the retina, the cause of retinal photochemical injury, leading to cell function degradation and apoptosis. Most of these damage is irreversible. Eye cornea, lens and vitreous will absorb a certain amount of blue light, less can protect the retina from the blue. Absorbs the blue lens, however, will be the process of acceleration is cloudy, it will accelerate the formation of senile cataract. If the full color led display light is harmful to people, how to defend? First of all, in order to protect the eyes, should try to avoid watching for a long time. Second, generally warm color LED the proportion of blue light cool color leds. So powerful giant colour light electricity friends: when you buy LED display products, to pay attention to the tone and the surface brightness. Everything has two sides, good is bad. Like other light source, LED optical radiation theory also cause harm to human body. But to see it, after all, from the aspects of energy conservation and environmental protection to our society provides a great help.
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