LED display has a full bright is why

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
LED display with a module, the light is going on? The following will introduce the testing and to comfort problem. 1. There is something wrong with the connection wire connection control card and the module of the ribbon cable to loosen, the damage is likely to appear this kind of problem. Advice to reconnect wiring can look at the problem to solve. 2. Module damage module, short circuit, module chip problems. LED display the output of the signal from a cell plate transferred to another line needle plate of the input signal, so if a piece of board has a problem, it could cause behind it the whole row not bright or exception. So when LED display a row has a problem, we should put the initial abnormal change the board, or jump directly with long line line will this board in the past, look at the back of the plate is displayed normally. 3. Control card problem of control card data transmission error, but this situation is rare. Turn on the power supply, whether under control card indicator light; If not bright, inspect whether there is 5 v voltage power supply, LED display screen can display content, if we can display content, control card display function is good; Then search control card with control card software, if we can find the words, explain the function of the control card to send content good; If not find, have to check the communication lines connected, if ok, it is likely to be card is out of question. As long as the two function is good, the control card is ok, otherwise will replace the control card. 4. Power problems if the power supply is broken, may be directly caused a few boards at the same time not bright or not normal, because a power control of several boards at the same time. If LED electronic screen is in the same small area of a few boards don't display or not normal, you should consider whether the power supply is broken. The most direct method is to take all the dc voltage, measure the output voltage is 4. 5 ~ 5. Between 5 v. If not in this range, consider replacing the power supply. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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