- LED display for the future development of six major direction LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
One, to develop in the direction of energy saving of LED ( Semiconductor light emitting diode) Itself is very energy efficient, its characteristics are: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy to control, free maintenance; It is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color and soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is the product of green environmental protection. But to make the LED display screen, power consumption is not small. The working voltage of the LED is usually 3. 2 v, the maximum current is zero. 02 a, that is the biggest power consumption is 0. 06W。 LED is a large screen, however, requires a lot of points. In outdoor P16 screen, for example: a points, has 3906 square meters, a point has three RGB lamp, a power consumption calculation formula for 3906 square meters ( Point) ×3( Star light) ×0. 02 ( A) ×5( V) =1172W( Maximum power consumption, calculated on the whole screen) , outdoor screen is at least a few square meters, and even a few hundred square meters, the total power consumption is very large. So reduce the power consumption of the LED display, and achieve real energy saving, is the development direction of LED display is the most important. , to develop in the direction of light industry is currently doing most of the products is iron box screen, screen the weight per square metre weighs 50 kilograms of above, plus the weight of the steel structure, as a whole is very heavy. Even a small to medium sized projects of tens of square meters, the total weight in tons. So many floors building is difficult to bear such a heavy attachments, bearing pressure balance, foundation of the construction and so on all is not easy to accept. So, light is also the development direction of LED large screen. Third, to develop in the direction of fully thin commonly used electronic products in our life, TV is becoming more and more thin, many phones also in ultra-thin products window, computer monitors, etc. Are also on the direction to thin. Products become thinner, weight is light, accordingly also more convenient transport, would also be convenient for display assembly. LED large screen must also follow the era mainstream electronic products. Say 'through', 'transparent' refers to the drafty and pervious to light, if the LED large screen is installed on the top of the high-rise building, is also very important, drafty. The leak rate, the greater the wind resistance is smaller, the stronger the ability to resist wind, to protect the products. If the LED display is installed on the side of the high-rise buildings, so products can be pervious to light, will not affect indoor daylighting, otherwise the products after installed, becomes a dead wall, make the room is dark like a night during the day. Above all, thin qiao is the development direction of LED large screen. Four, to develop in the direction of patent protection from global LED patent status quo, in terms of technology, LED has high technical bottlenecks, but the characteristics of low entry barriers. Initial investment is not large, capital threshold is not high, in order to keep technical competence, technology spillover risk reduction, the patent is the best way to protect. The patent barrier, is a major means of beat into the vendor to avoid competition, therefore patents become the LED industry development the important topic, could not avoid in the process of but just now the industry is not how much. LED display industry start, basically do not have adjust the development experience, directly into the fierce competition, everybody is busy for the market, expand the scale, there is almost no spend much energy on the products in the research and development, also did not consider the protection of intellectual property rights, some new technology did not apply for patent. As the industry to mature slowly, specification, by the way to apply for a patent to protect their intellectual property, intangible assets, and is also the development direction of LED industry inevitably. Five, to develop in the direction of rapid precise stitching this mainly for LED display screen in terms of the lease. The characteristics of the leasing is often tear open outfit, meet the demand of temporary, so between the display cabinet must be able to quickly and accurately. As an outdoor concert temporarily, need to rent 50 square metre background screen, with the need to use the decision may be screen can play for two days before the concert began to install. For this kind of situation, if the product cannot be accurately joining together quickly, can't meet the requirements of the scene. Even fixed installation, also have this requirement, can increase labor costs, otherwise affect larger roughness, thereby affect the display effect. So fast accurate installation must be the development direction of LED display. Sixth, to develop in the direction of standardization at the beginning of this century, the huge market demand make enterprises have mushroomed, LED large screen almost overnight, appeared on this magical land of shenzhen thousands of LED display. The beginning of the new company will soon have a product to display and sales. Independent research and development of new products investment big, slow speed, so everybody is trying to cut corners, summary design, copying each other is a common problem for industry at this stage. Not only between enterprises products such as the dimensions, mounting holes is not the same, even its own internal product is uneven, the installation of the same kind of product fixed plate, common don't have many holes, screw specifications, the parts purchasing, inventories, after-sales service and so on all caused great inconvenience. So, LED product standardization is also inevitable trend.
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