Led display factory in anhui analyses how to distinguish led display lights, good or bad!

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Because in recent years, domestic enterprises for the led display purchasing quantity increase greatly, which makes the led electronic display market is very popular, many people think that this project can make money, invested in set up the factory. Good and evil people mixed up can say now led display market, some manufacturers produced light bead used led display is very, very poor, in order to let everybody to buy good quality led display, the anhui led display manufacturer to tell you how to distinguish led display lights, good or bad! 1, see solder joint professional normal anhui led display production of high quality led lights use advanced SMT process, and inferior lamp belt is done with reflow soldering with solder paste process. 2, see the led lamp belt surface finish difference strip lamp is using the sem technique, mainly to see the led lamp belt surface is very clean, no obvious stain and impurities. And inferior led lights belt, you carefully look at, especially dirty surface, and there is a special smell, let a person very uncomfortable. 3, test equipment for testing led lamp bead you use eyes to see is very ugly out led lamp bead is high quality, it is recommended that you use test equipment for testing, can be a few manufacturer of led on the aging instrument, with the maximum current of Europe after 24 hours, the light attenuation is small, which led lamp bead light show that is a good led lamp bead. Finished watching anhui led display manufacturer to tell you this to distinguish led lamp bead method is good or bad, I believe you will choose good quality after the led lamp bead, buy the led display screen don't always think about to buy low price, a penny a points goods, price must be low quality problems, want to use the led display for a long time, is not recommended to buy cheap products, so as not to affect their interests. Outdoor electronic advertising screen what matters need attention when installation?
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