LED display enterprise is how to sell their products?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
LED display how enterprise product sales? The LED display companies generally can be divided into engineering channels or walk two wholesale channels sales model. Mode of engineering, engineering major is engineering application class project channel, LED display manufacturers contact with customers directly, or through bidding, auction indirect contact with the terminal customers, not through a third party. Engineering channels directly clear, account for a large proportion in the industry. So far, the application of LED display industry is still predominantly engineering channels, especially the full-color display project to manufacturer bid, industry relationship and industry influence and realize in the majority of the engineering. Because the full color LED display engineering properties obviously, project usually include product design, engineering, construction and after-sales maintenance. Because the project has fewer, large investment, long lead times, high risk, dealers work is small, so the industry channel structure is simpler. Two wholesale, wholesale mode is mainly include agents and dealers, display production enterprises provide products, mainly to the dealers and sales agents around the country. To occupy the market quickly, reduce enterprise capital risk. At the same time, enterprises in order to occupy a larger market space development dealers and agents, wholesale channels obtained rapid development. Because of thin margins, as well as accept YaKuan layer upon layer, easy to have the funds risk. Conclusion: the wholesale mode is generally preferred for medium or small sized LED display sales, but with the improvement of industry concentration, more and more large enterprises joined the battle, the union cheng group is currently two modes coexist.
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