Led display engineering which good

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Led electronic display screen penetration is higher and higher, whether it's a busy street in the city, and in three or four line city, basically can see a lot of this kind of display, as to the more customers to buy more, naturally you will care about a good equipment, which is installed, then led display engineering which good? Might as well with small make up a beginning to understand. 1, before selling service good led display engineering manufacturer should have perfect pre-sale service, screen selling should be accurate answer before buying display all customer problems, should also give customers accurate appropriate advice, at the same time to the customer's detailed technical plan, purchasing plan, installation, etc. , the purpose is to be able to meet customers' business needs, which often are the problems of large manufacturers can be realized. 2 installation, sale service good manufacturer of led display engineering in addition to providing good pre-sale service, the sale service of the installation is good, is good, good installation will directly affect the subsequent use, good engineering company will provide customers with screen installation instructions, technical training for staff will give customers at the same time, the training content including display operating system and the daily maintenance and so on. 3, perfect after-sales maintenance services for the led display after the purchase also involves a question of after-sales service, such as Long Jian photoelectric shenzhen led electronic display manufacturers to provide clients with 2 years of product quality assurance, non-artificial damage appears during use, the company will be free on-site maintenance, and will be regular consultation customer product during use, such engineering company is trustworthy. For any good believe you all know, before selling the service is good, good sale service of the installation and after-sales maintenance services, satisfy the three conditions you can chose. Outdoor led display screen three characteristics is what? Suitable for a variety of installation
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